ELCON Medical Instruments offers a wide range of laparoscopy products from its own range as well as “Made By” articles. This enables our customers in laparoscopy not only to access “standard” products. They can also access products that are “special” in laparoscopy. In addition to cameras with up to 4K resolution and light sources up to 300W Xenon & LED, ELCON Medical Instruments offers monopolar and bipolar instruments and electrodes with Ø 3 – 10 mm for laparoscopy. This enables ELCON Medical Instruments to cover many sub-fields of laparoscopy, such as gynaecology and paediatrics. Cameras, light sources & insufflators as well as all endoscopes and instruments are “Made in Germany” and are in a continuous development process. This means that ELCON Medical Instruments is always able to offer its customers the best quality and the latest state-of-the-art in laparoscopy.

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