A matter of trust


The secret of a fruitful partnership is based on understanding the views of others. On doing even ordinary things in an exceptional way - in a circumspect and courteous manner. We have made it our daily task to completely adapt our services to your ideas. Thanks to an extensive inventory, we are always able to carry out your requests flexibly and "just in time". We offer up to 10 years of warranty on the first-class workmanship of our products. Surgical instruments are signed, numbered, personalized or labelled in any other way by Elcon entirely in accordance with your wishes.

For us, complete customer service also includes close, active contact and personal on-site consultation. You can count on us. In any situation and across all national boundaries. We'll do our end of the business so you are free to do yours. And we'll help you with any questions you might have. You can the concentrate on the important things.
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